When We Went Beyond Timber Retaining Walls In Brisbane


We were advised that we should get a retaining wall in Brisbane, but we were sure that we were not in the market for a traditional retaining wall. We knew, right from the start that we wanted to have a garden that looked a lot more different and unique. Another thing we knew was that we wanted an area where we could plant and harvest fresh herbs and perhaps even some vegetables. Unfortunately, the one luxury we did not have was a lot of space.

It was at this point of time, we thought of hiring a landscaper, who would not only help us with the retaining wall problem, but also help us plan out our landscape in the best manner possible. The person we chose was one who had an expertise in putting in creative walls and he promised us that we would find us the best retaining wall in Brisbane for us. And after looking at our space, he suggested a vertical garden – a space that would be vertical instead of horizontal, which would not only save space, but actually give us a lot more area! Almost instantly, we wondered why we had not thought of the same!

Instead of putting in traditional timber retaining walls, our Brisbane landscaper used hollow cement bricks to create the retaining wall. Behind the entire wall, was another wall that had been created using soil, organic fertilisers and this was going be the ‘land’ where all our plants would grow. Within a few months, our vertical garden had a range of herbs, including cilantro, mint, thyme and parsley!